The Avās Connect

Avās Connect
Avās Connect

At Avās Wellness, technology is at our core. Our exclusive Avās App not only connects the community but also provides dynamic health and wellness insights by tracking biometrics and environmental data, curated content and wellness programs/events.

Each Avās Living villa owner and member gets access to the world’s first Wellness Intelligence Network to help improve individual’s health, well-being and performance in spaces where they live, work, play and sleep, all at their fingertips in the Avās App.

Launching soon, we also have specially curated merchandise which will be available on the Avās App ranging from nutritional supplements to athleisure wear. Part of the proceeds of this e-commerce business will be used to fund The Avās Foundation, which aims not to just give back to the community but in taking certain steps to sustain it. In sync with the Avās philosophy, we come full circle with this endeavour.

Fusing the world’s most intuitive technologies, health advancements and increasing accountability with authentic, historically-respected and proven body therapies, Avās is a place where exploration of our inner selves is not only encouraged, but worn as a badge of honour.

Avās Mobile App Features:

  • Exclusive details on the Avās living villa project
  • Special benefits for homeowners
  • Exclusive Avās Club
  • Membership offers
  • Member only activities organised by the best in class facilitators
  • Access to best in class nutritionists, yoga and meditation gurus
  • Seamless health monitoring through wearables
AVĀS Wellness Management
AVĀS Wellness Management


Avās Insider

Avās Insider

  • Every Avās Villa Resident Member gets full access to the Spa/Club and all online events, programs and an exclusive discount on Avās merchandise.
  • Insider members are entitled to exclusive complementary therapies and access to the exclusive “Room of Wonderment” among other Member only areas.
  • They receive an exclusive Avās wearable wellness monitor with full access to all our programs offline and online through the Avās App.
Avās Privé

Avās Privé

  • By Invite only from Resident Members/ Villa owners.
  • This 3 year membership gives them full access to the Spa/Club and partial access to all online events and programs offline and online through the Avās App.
  • Exclusive discounts on Avās merchandise.
  • The membership entitles them to 10 complementary therapies and allows them a limited number of sign in’s for their own guests who are non – members.Privé Members receive an Avās wearable wellness monitor.
Avās Weekender

Avās Explorer

  • Explorer Membership is a membership specifically for short-term villa renters and subscribers to our exclusive Avas App.
  • This membership gives you access to book a villa for a short-term stay.
  • Explorer Members can use the spa and book treatments.
  • The membership also gives access to our specially curated online and offline fitness and wellness programs through the Avas App.

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