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Mindful Living

It’s what you make of it, that thing we like to call home.
A sanctuary from the city, a creative source of inspiration, a peaceful moment in the garden. A place you can constantly discover, yet feels so familiar.

At the Avās Wellness and Living Project, form and function are realized through our core design principles to intrinsically connect our own well being into our environments’. We step away from conventional real estate and create spaces to optimize our wellness. Maximizing natural light and living by circadian lighting plans, saying no to all toxic materials, increased exposure to nature, incorporating technology to monitor and optimize indoor air quality and numerous other markers to improve sleep, vitality and moods are a few examples Moving from passive to active wellness by keeping exercise, meditation, and connectivity with nature as a daily experience. Encouraging our members to engage and participate in our on-site events ranging from group bike rides to organic cooking classes. Lastly, moving toward a more “we” approach and highlighting what it means to be a community. Having a broader awareness of how we care for one another and our environment.
Curated for the like minded and free spirited, Avās Living is the first set of eclectic and bespoke villas to be created within the Avās Wellness universe. Each open plan villa is completely tailor made in terms of interiors and technological advancements as per the requirements of its owners. Every home seamlessly blends old world charm with innovative style. Stark California Coastal designs compliment the soft lighting and organic wilderness that defines the plains of the Konkan shoreline. Open to the natural elements, every villa is surrounded by raw, earthy textures and mindful minimalism. A place you’ve never felt more comfortable in your own skin, and ‘at one’ with nature.

Imagination Team

Avās Living has partnered with the internationally acclaimed firm of architects, SAOTA. Spearheaded by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouche and Mark Bullivant. Based in South Africa, SAOTA has delivered some of the most prestigious projects globally across sectors from Residential to Hospitality. Cutting edge modernity along with a masterful respect for unique locations make their distinguishable aesthetic a perfect match for the Avās Wellness Living Project.

Avās Living Alibaug

Let us paint a picture of the Baug. A village tucked within languorous coconut trees, where chattering uniformed school children cycle through viridian fields and narrow gullies. The only things more ostentatious than the glittering sea are the glorious sunsets. Nothing moves here unless goaded by the breeze. And yet, there’s a rich culture of warmth, hospitality and a taste for the arts, that have transformed each village just a touch, to welcome the new into its fold. And within one of these story-book hamlets is Avās. We have carefully crafted a space where old world charm meets contemporary luxury, to create a corner devoted to wellness and well-being. Taking cues from the historically restorative culture of in this Baugh of Wonders, Avās helps you unwind and recharge in a community of eighteen stunning villas tailored to undo the haste of the city.