Skincare Treasures By Suhi & Sego

In a world where the hustle and bustle of modern life can take a toll on our skin, Suhi & Sego emerges as a beacon of holistic skincare solutions. Founded on the principles of nourishment, protection and rejuvenation, Suhi & Sego is more than just a skincare brand – it’s a true ally in your quest for radiant, healthy skin. Their products are meticulously crafted to address the early signs of stress that often manifest on your skin, offering a sanctuary of calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. Inspired by their grandmother’s dedication to natural skincare remedies and combining them with cutting-edge scientific innovation, this brand is an ode to her legacy that Sejal & Ishaani are sharing with the world.

Their Story

Skincare isn’t just a passion for us—it’s a family legacy. Inspired by our grandmother’s lifelong dedication to crafting her own natural skincare remedies, we’ve inherited a treasure trove of knowledge on the transformative power of nature. Suhi & Sego is our way of honoring her legacy and sharing her wisdom with you.

Our journey is rooted in the belief that skin care should be as nourishing for the soul as it is for the skin. Just like the rejuvenating effects of yoga, we strive to infuse every product with that same sense of holistic well-being.

At Suhi & Sego, we’re committed to delivering the best to you. By blending nature’s gifts with cutting-edge scientific innovation, we’ve curated a range of skincare solutions that are tailor-made to meet your unique skin goals. Our formulations are not just about skincare; they’re about a transformative experience that nurtures your skin and uplifts your spirit.

Let Suhi & Sego be your companion on the journey to radiant, revitalised skin that’s as vibrant as your inner glow.

Skincare Insights:

Q1. What sparked the idea to kickstart Suhi & Sego?

Skincare has always been an integral part of our lives because of our grandmother (Dadi), who garnered her knowledge of herbal remedies from her naturopath father-in-law. 

Our Dadi had her own skincare brand, back in the day. Her products were sold all across India and even exported to the US. She manufactured and sold everything from face care, to body care, to hair care. The brand was not only successful but also way ahead of its time. Each product was formulated to benefit your skin, but also with “wellness at its core”. Her stress reliever soap was an absolute best-seller, and people often came back to saying that it truly made them feel relaxed. So, then Ishaani& I came back from college, we knew we had to carry on her legacy with the same philosophy, but with updated, modern formulations.

Q2. How would you define selfcare?

Self-care, to us, is a journey of nurturing and honouring oneself, both inside and out. It’s about prioritising your physical, mental, and emotional well-being through traditional practices and natural products that bring joy, balance, and vitality to your life.

Q3. Being a women-led brand, how do you both use Suhi & Sego as a platform and influence to inspire and empower other women?

As women founders, we see Suhi & Sego as more than just a skincare brand; it’s a platform for empowerment and inspiration. We strive to uplift and support women by celebrating their unique beauty, advocating for self-love, and fostering a sense of community and confidence.

Q4. In your opinion what makes Suhi & Sego stand out among other skincare brands 

What sets Suhi & Sego apart is our approach to skincare. We considered not only the skin’s needs but common lifestyle and environmental factors that impact your skin while formulating our products. Some of the lifestyle & environmental factors include stress, sleep deprivation, pollution and blue light. 

Q5. What are certain principles you follow as a founder of a clean beauty brand?

We believe in both nature and science. Our products combine the best of both worlds, while still remaining 95% naturally derived. We never claim to be 100% natural as in our opinion, it’s not possible to create safe, effective and convenient products with that claim.  

Additionally, most of our ingredients are clinically tested, and many of them also have ECOCERT certification. When we use science backed ingredients that are not naturally derived, they’re always extremely well tested, accepted by all countries & 100% safe. 

Q6. How do you, as Suhi & Sego founders, use storytelling and communication to inspire women to embrace their unique beauty and potential?

As founders, we have made the conscious decision to prioritize authenticity in our communication. This commitment extends from the fundamental practice of refraining from editing the skin in our models’ photos to advocating for holistic skincare approaches that emphasise well-being from the inside out. We refrain from making misleading claims such as promising the disappearance of dark circles within a week, recognizing the potential harm in fostering unrealistic expectations. Through our dedication to honesty and self love, we hope that we’re being able to inspire women to embrace their unique selves.

A Skincare Tip

Both of us have dry skin, so one of our biggest secrets is occasionally skipping our morning cleanse and replacing it with a cold water rinse. Of course we only do this when we’ve thoroughly double cleansed the night before! We’ve noticed that this simple trick helps balance out oil, which helps with moisture levels throughout the day.

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